Welcome to Retail Technology Group

We are boutique consultancy focused on the retail industry, providing a variety of information-systems-and-technology-related services to e-commerce and omni-channel retailers, retail software developers, and private-equity investors. These services include strategic IT planning, software package selection and implementation, project management, process improvement, networking and telecommunications infrastructure planning and implementation, implementation of emerging technology such as mobility, and item-level RFID, all with an emphasis on achieving a true unified commerce model for our clients.

Our Independence

RTG maintains its independence from all software package, hardware, and outsourcing providers. This is unlike some consulting firms, which specialize in installing specific brands and skirt open consideration of all appropriate alternatives.

When engaged to evaluate and select solutions with our clients, we do the best work for our clients, not for us. We do not influence our clients’ decisions so that we benefit from a specific software, hardware, or outsourcing brand.