About Us

RTG affiliates each provide diversified, specialized skills in areas such as distribution and logistics, merchandise and assortment planning, merchant training programs, catalog and eCommerce fulfillment. Strategic partners provide integration services; applications development services, communications strategy development, deployment and outsourcing, and wireless applications development and implementation. Together, our retail consultants, affiliates, and partners bring to our clients a team of professionals willing and able to conduct systems projects of virtually any size or complexity.

  • We conducted nearly every type of business process and systems engagement for many of the leading retailers in the country
  • Our retail consultants average over 30 years of retail systems experience
  • We conduct Strategic IS Planning engagements
  • We conduct IS organizational reviews
  • We conduct Special projects involving emerging technologies
  • We employ proven methodologies
  • We begin projects quickly and complete them in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • We conduct due diligence for private equity and other investors, and lenders.

Our Independence

RTG maintains its independence from all software package, hardware, and outsourcing providers. This is unlike some consulting firms, which specialize in installing specific brands and skirt open consideration of all appropriate alternatives.

When engaged to evaluate and select solutions with our clients, we do the best work for our clients, not for us. We do not influence our clients’ decisions so that we benefit from a specific software, hardware, or outsourcing brand.

However, RTG has a number of strategic alliances with firms whose specialties include the implementation of various packages. If appropriate, we may introduce one of those companies after a client selects the optimal solution for its own best interest. It is up to the client.