Contactless Payment in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond

At a time in which the U.S. economy was strong and getting stronger, the retail industry was partially focused on reducing friction in retail purchase and improving the customer experience by adopting contactless payment.  Industry pundits were speaking of contactless payments and NFC credit-authorization terminals.  Contactless payment requires a fraction of the time to consummate […]

A World of Opportunities at Airports

The Retail Technology Group (RTG) just concluded a brief study of travel retail and technology. We wanted to share these observations with you as the travel world (pardon the pun) has its nuances, challenges, but offers interesting opportunities to improve the passenger experience at all points. We would enjoy receiving your feedback. The recent few […]

The Imminent Demise of The Wallet As We Know It

When I first was exposed to the Keyring smart phone application by Mobestream, I though it was the greatest little app.  It allows a consumer to scan-in loyalty, membership cards with barcodes, organize and store them in a smart phone. Cardstar is a similar app.  Since then, similar apps such as AppCard and Stocard have […]

Retail Software Company Acquisitions – from a Retailer’s Perspective

Part 1 of a four-part series by Robert Lawson – Senior consultant, RTG This article is the first of a four-part series analyzing the retail industry’s software companies’ evolution through acquisitions.  Each part of the series will focus on one of the following perspectives: I.         Retailers’ Perspective II.        Software Vendors’ Perspective III.      Consultants’ Perspective IV.       […]

Process Improvement

By creating the new position of Senior VP of Operational Excellence, Target gives due importance to the concept of ‘process improvement’ in retailing. In recent years, we have been hearing buzzwords in the retail industry like ‘customer centricity’, ‘omni-channel’, ‘social media’ and Cloud Computing.  Retailers have been placing much emphasis on software and hardware to […]