World Business Services, Inc.

For Immediate Release, Petaluma, CA, March 1, 2024–World Business Services founded in 1994 ( which has saved businesses and organizations millions of dollars by identifying refund and cost savings for them without any upfront out-of-pocket direct capital expenditure or debt service financing, has formed a strategic alliance with Retail Technology Group founded in 1991, upon which management teams of major retailers have relied for decades (see

Bob Amster, Principal of Retail Technology Group, based in Stamford, CT remarked, “By partnering with World Business Services, we have been able to simply provide our existing clients many new ways which by they can get refunds and cost savings on their monthly perceived expenses such as their credit card processing bills without changing their existing credit card processor.  And, clients have very little time investment on their part to achieve tremendous savings.”

Ron Feldman, President of World Business Services added, “Our secret is that we have contracts with highly successful refund and cost savings specialists who only receive their fee the month after the Client already has the refunds and cost savings in their bank. Clients have nothing to lose, because if they did nothing, they would continue to pay what they are paying now, whether it be credit card processing, electricity, waste, phone, leases, shipping. They also can get tax credit refunds.  Retail Technology Group has successfully saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past year in a very short time.”


For more information, please contact Ron Feldman at (800) 892-0879, or Bob Amster at (203) 536-6058.