RTG August Newsletter

Published quarterly by The Retail Technology Group August, 2018 From the Principal’s Office There is a lot of Technology coming into the retail marketplace. At times, it seems that it is happening too quickly and that there is too much to absorb or understand fully. We thought we would take those technology innovations and provide […]

RTG February Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Overused terms are becoming commonplace.  As they do, they lose their meaning and people begin assign them their own interpretation of what they mean.  So let it be with ’digital transformation.’ I asked a number of industry thought leaders for their interpretation of ‘digital transformation’ in retail, and I got (you […]

RTG November Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office   As we prepare for the holiday shopping season and for the NRF Big Show we wish you all a happy holiday and a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.   Bob Amster – Principal, RTG   The importance of real-time information processing in unified commerce   We have all grown […]

August RTG Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Much has happened in the industry since our May Newsletter.  We decided to discuss a topic near and dear to many retailers; Omni-channel retailing from the systems perspective.  Many retailers, retail publications and CIOs talk about Omni-channel retailing as a necessity.  Omni-channel Systems simply provide the customer a consistent brand experience […]

May 2017 Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Well, our beloved industry has been undergoing a lot churn and turmoil in the three months since the last newsletter.  This month we open with a commentary on technology, what’s appropriate, what’s out there pushing the envelope. And then there is the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is […]

RTG Newsletter November

RTG Newsletter Published quarterly by The Retail Technology Group November, 2016   From the Principal’s Office Didn’t notice this before but who gains the most from big eCommerce sales during the traditional holiday shopping season?  The delivery companies!  They get the business on the way out and on the way back!  It is an interesting […]

RTG August Newsletter

RTG Newsletter                                   Published quarterly by The Retail Technology Group                                   August, 2016   From the Principal’s Office In this issue, we offer a mixed bag of interesting tidbits going on in our industry.  Please enjoy this light reading. Bob Amster […]

RTG May Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Doing something a little different this issue.  We are listing some products and trends that look interesting and poking fun at some other things. Bob Amster – Principal, RTG What are we seeing? Serious notes There are sufficient bankruptcy and threatening-to-fold events to give us pause.  To wit, Pac Sun filed […]

RFID as electronic article surveillance (EAS)?

By Philip Lassner – Overheer Systems, division of ITL In this brief whitepaper, we highlight the benefits of RFID as an effective EAS (Electronic Article surveillance) device/technology. The traditional EAS model is ‘dumb’. In a traditional EAS security model, a security tag is affixed to an item. The item is authorized to leave the store […]

SaaS and Business Continuity

From the Principal’s Office In this issue we take a look at software as a service (SaaS) from the perspective of the SaaS software delivery architecture as an enabler to business continuity in the event of a shutdown of operations at a business corporate headquarters. Bob Amster – Principal, RTG   SaaS and Business Continuity […]