Robert M. Berger

Senior Consultant

Robert M. BergerMr. Berger has had over twenty-five years of experience in retail, distribution and computer automation. He specializes in retail automation, including decision support, inventory control, store systems and expense reduction. He began his career position at Sears, Roebuck and Company. In the parent organization he developed and implemented the nation’s first large scale Point of Sale system and directed several national expense control projects. For the next several years, he designed and managed retail, catalog order and warehousing systems including the Sears National Distribution System, which was a pioneer methodology in distribution center automation. At Primerica’s Musicland Group, he managed all retail systems projects including inventory control and POS. As a founding member of Home Express, a venture capital financed retail startup, he was first responsible for the systems functions, warehousing, distribution and administration as Administrative Vice President. He joined Oracle, founding the Oracle Retail Office, where he established Oracle as a significant retail presence by increasing its Alliance and Customer relationships. He also initiated industry versions of software templates, and data warehousing and participated in the origin of retail content for interactive television. Berger Management Services specializes in assisting medium and large retail chains in matters regarding planning, decision support, expense control, the selection of store and host systems and the restructuring of operations to gain efficiencies. In addition, he consults internationally to computer hardware and software manufacturers concerning the shaping of their offerings to best fit the retail marketplace. Bob specifically focuses on providing retail content and advanced methods of decision support in customer loyalty programs, merchandise placement and promotional effectiveness.