For What Do We Get Paid?

From the Principal’s Office One of Amster’s pet peeves.  Read on and see if you agree. Bob Amster – Principal, RTG As a long-time consultant to the retail industry, I often encounter a retail company where little or nothing gets done to improve operations. Observations are made, everyone seems to know what is wrong with […]

From the Principal’s Office

From the Principal’s Office We’re into the new year, the NRF Conference is now over, and we are all looking at a prosperous 2010.  Recovery appears to be on the way, but it will be very gradual.  There will be no spikes in economic activity this year.  The industry is in for more consolidation.  I […]

“To Site or not to Site…” – not by William Shakespeare

From The Principal’s Office While the retail industry anxiously awaits what will hopefully be a higher-sales holiday season, we are cautiously optimistic. Hopefully, we will see many of you at the NRF Annual Conference in January. (I think this will be my 38 th…) In this newsletter, Bob Berger takes a folksy approach at the […]