RTG November Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office   As we prepare for the holiday shopping season and for the NRF Big Show we wish you all a happy holiday and a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.   Bob Amster – Principal, RTG   The importance of real-time information processing in unified commerce   We have all grown […]

August RTG Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Much has happened in the industry since our May Newsletter.  We decided to discuss a topic near and dear to many retailers; Omni-channel retailing from the systems perspective.  Many retailers, retail publications and CIOs talk about Omni-channel retailing as a necessity.  Omni-channel Systems simply provide the customer a consistent brand experience […]

What’s the holdup with EMV cards? We commented on Retail Wire

While we don’t have the least secure credit card system, we certainly do not have the most secure that is currently available and the real frustration is that, having mandated a fairly dramatic change to the process, we didn’t mandate the change to the best then-available method!  Read on…

Should plastic loyalty cards go digital?

No question about it! We’re moving away from the physical wallet and into the smartphone with everything we used to keep in our wallet, including our driver’s licenses. I wrote a white paper on the subject.  Read more of our comments!